Feeling the stress at the moment?

Marcus J. Fila, Ph.D.
1 min readSep 18, 2020

As a work stress researcher, and former Headhunter, I have developed a self assessment tool to help you identify root causes of your work stress, and what to do about them.

Key workplace relationships, job design issues, and issues surrounding the current climate. I’ve covered the gambit to help you take effective action. Some of your responses may surprise you, as well as offer new directions forward.

If you would like to receive this assessment tool (no charge), just message me at mfila@easeworkstress.com, or visit easeworkstress.com.

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Marcus J. Fila, Ph.D.

Work Stress speaker, researcher, author, and consultant to organizations and individuals. Psychologist, and management professor. Visit easeworkstress.com.