My Passion for Dealing with Excessive Work Stress

Marcus J. Fila, Ph.D.
2 min readJul 2, 2020

I am passionate about dealing with excessive work stress. I’ve felt it quite acutely on many occasions, and for many different reasons. I’ve also experienced it chronically in a couple of jobs. Aside to my own experiences, I saw the effects of excessive stress on even very accomplished people, in my former career in executive recruitment for Big Four Accountancy partners, and senior IT and engineering professionals. I swapped this career to train as a social scientist, and conduct research and consult on reducing work stress.

My website is The message I share as a professor of management, speaker, researcher, and provider of evidence-based solutions is that employees and organizations working together to reduce stress is a win-win. There is an abundance of evidence that motivated employees who are challenged but not acutely or chronically stressed are better performers, more committed to their organizations, more present, and less likely to leave. Moreover, primary interventions around tweaks in job design are highly actionable, and under the control of organizational leaders.

Here are some of the ways I educate organizational leaders about work stress, and introduce interventions that help people and organizations thrive in tandem. I also help individuals deal with issues around work stress.

Here’s more information about my background, in case it’s helpful. Finally, here’s more information about the research I have published on work stress and its impact on people and organizations, as well as conferences I have presented at.

This podcast episode explains how my background inspired my work in more detail.

I’d like to periodically share my best insights with you about work stress and related topics like reducing unwanted turnover, designing jobs for maximum performance and healthier levels of stress, and working through common areas of work stress faced by professionals.

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If you’re not interested, that’s no problem, but know that my commitment is to only send you the best and most useful information as a scientist-practitioner in this area.

I’d be glad to be in touch. Reach out anytime if you have questions, ideas, or concerns. Take care!

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Marcus Fila, Ph.D., is an organizational analyst and industrial/organizational psychologist. He is an associate professor of management; and a researcher, speaker, and consultant on work stress. Download his free Work Stress Self-Assessment Tool.



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